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WOMEN of all ages are invited to a ‘ladies night’ hosted by High Kirk Presbyterian Church on Monday, 23rd November where they will hear a truly remarkable story.

Jennifer heard God speaking to her when she was just eight years old.  At 19 she had planned to go to America to study Medicine but God had a different plan for her.  “No, I want you to stay in India and help the ‘Divadasis’, (the temple prostitutes) was His clear message.  Jennifer obeyed him.  She visited 30 districts of the state of Karnataka, spending 12 hours of intercessory prayer in each district dedicating her work to the Lord.  She sought the help of sympathetic government officials and children’s charities in order to make her God given task completely transparent to all.

‘Divadasis’ are young girls dedicated to the Hindu Goddess from birth and at the onset of puberty their life of sexual slavery begins.  Some of the money they earn from satisfying the lust of men is sent back to their parents or in many cases given to evil pimps.

When these beautiful young girls can no longer fulfil their purposes and are too old to be attractive they are sent back to their villages, heads shaven to be rejected as outcasts.


Jennifer goes to the temples, befriends the girls and then rescues them.  Her work is dangerous and she puts her life at risk.  She knows this is what God has called her to do.

Jennifer has been given a piece of land and her dream is to build a home for the rescued Davidasis to help restore them, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

So where does Jennifer get her sense of vision and purpose?

It begins with the birth of her Dad, Pastor Mark Jaykumar, founder of the Rays of Peace Ministry, India, a life potentially destined for misery.  He was rejected and abandoned by his parents at three days old but rescued and raised by Christian missionaries.  

When he turned 15 they told him the true story of his birth and about how he came to be with them.  At this tender age he made up his mind to take up the challenge to adopt and care for the abandoned and orphaned children in India.  After completing a Theology degree he opened a home for abandoned children and today God has enabled him to start to fulfil his promise and work towards realisation of his dream.  He now runs four Rays of Peace orphanages in North and South India.  

Ten members from the Francina Foundation will travel to the Rays of Peace Orphanage in Sasalu after Christmas to help with maintenance and building work there as well as spending ‘quality’ time with the children.

 The reality and importance of the work Jennifer and Mark are doing has encouraged us to invite Jennifer to speak at the upcoming ladies night hosted at High Kirk as guest speaker for the Francina Foundation.  The event will get underway at 7.45pm.  Refreshments will be served and a retiring offering will be taken in support of the Francina Foundation.  If you require any further information, please contact Lorraine McAlister on 077922329783.